I am very happy with Dr. Norris.

Dr. Sara Norris has given me hope and set me on a journey toward better health. She is a miracle worker.

I came in with severe (and unusual for me)- fatigue, horrible headaches, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, sleep problems and a condescending diagnosis of “depression” from my Kaiser doctor. She listened intently, we took labs and she explained her data driven treatment methodologies clearly. I am getting a great education as well as great treatment. A week in to treatment my fatigue was gone. I am on the journey toward hormonal balance, cortisol balance and sleep/stress relief through gentle botanicals, diet and other methodologies for the long term with Dr. Norris. She is very wise and I trust her completely. I recommend her as I want everyone to have the opportunity for treatment of this quality. Thank you Dr. Norris.